Horizon2Technologies Business Software

Horizon2Technologies is a leading Australian Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Business Management Software for Small Business.

We greatly enhance the effectiveness of companies to:

  • control their inventories using ERP software with integrated financials,
  • highly engage with customers using this #1 global mobile marketing apps system,
  • better manage projects with leading cloud-based P3M3 project management software and
  • transform into a digital business using business process digitalization software.

By focusing on four key areas of service:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, integrated with Financials and eCommerce Websites;
  2. Mobile Marketing Apps integrated with Websites and Social Media Channels;
  3. Project Management software that is cloud-based and includes Benefits Realization and
  4. Business Process Digitalisation software solutions.


Business Management Software Solutions from Horizon2Technologies

ERP Software for Small Business, Business Management Software

Affordable ERP Software

JIWA Financials ERP Software draws information from many diverse sources into one recognisable information system. Business Management Software at its best, JIWA allows you to increase your customer service levels and profitability and reduce costs through improved resource planning. Moreover, JIWA provides exceptional inventory management functionality fully integrated into Financials.

Bizness Apps Mobile Marketing Apps, Business Management Software

H2t Mobile Marketing Apps

Mobile Marketing Apps makes mundane things cool again. From smartphones to tablets to wearables, mobile engagement means using different messaging channels and approaches to make your users’ lives more convenient, simple, and fun. Apps are driving mobile engagement—they command 90% of the time people spend on mobile. How much of the pie do you want to own?

P3M Portfolio Program Project Management, Business Management Software

Managing Work Made Easy

Psoda is a set of big online modules that help professionals manage programs, projects, requirements, testing and product development. Psoda modules are easy to use, secure and make managing work simple. Business Management Software where you pick the Psoda flavour that best suits you, or you can mix and match the modules to get even more benefits. P3M at its best! Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Intelledox: Business Process Digitalisation Software

Business Process Digitalization

The Intelledox ‘Infiniti’ platform digitalises manual paper-based processes from handling the data collection to workflow and decision analysis, through to production of multichannel output bringing you end-to-end process transformation solutions to improve customer engagement, drive down operational costs, increase efficiency and reduce the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Free financial modelling tool

Break-even, Payback, Assumptions, Forecast Cashflows, Financials and more; for all startup types - it's a gem!

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