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Our  free financial modelling tool for startups may just be the key to your early startup success. You have to start to tackle this financial issue with a simple financial tool that is easy to use for a non-financial entrepreneur.

The inputs need to be consolidated into at one data entry point and framed in a manner that is easy to understand.

Our free financial modelling tool for startups is a reliable tool with a logical 3-year projection output that will help any entrepreneur build their own financial plan. It gives a generic framework with widespread applicability and follows basic yet effective accounting and financial template design around performance, financial status and cash flow.

The financial model tool for startups helps you focus on short-term cash management and long-term business model potential and will do all calculations automatically with data filled-in by the entrepreneur.

Finding a financial tool for non-financial-nerds can be pretty tough; therefore, our financial model tool for startups is very easy to use.  Who wants to use a hard tool? Unfortunately, most financial tools are damn complicated! Indeed, a financial template should be really simple to use because it’s a key requirement to help entrepreneurs work on fundamental financial issues. Our free financial modelling tool for startups will guide the entrepreneur towards modelling his startup project.

We concentrate on the following data to fill-in:

- Revenues building (revenues and costs per unit sold, volume sold over years)

- Human resources costs (annual salary per post, number of employees per post over years)

- Investments

- Main expenses with a simple way to estimate costs over years

- Financial resources

This tool then provides a simple but yet effective dashboard to analyse the main financial issues: cash/treasury management, funding plan, business model profitability etc.

An entrepreneur should be able with this template to complete an initial financial plan modeling in less than 15 minutes!


It’s really important to be able to customize the financial tool. The best way to obtain an easy and customizable financial tool is to choose one based on an open Excel style sheet template. It’s then pretty easy to customize the tool to your needs while making the most of the given generic framework designed by financial and startup experts!


Best of all it is free!

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Entrepreneurs usually don’t have much money to spend on financial tools. The best financial model should then be free!!! You may probably think that anything free has no value and it may be a good investment to buy the top financial tool whatever it costs. You may be right. It’s usually pretty hard to find good stuff for free. And there are some really good financial tools around here that may cost you some bucks (too much?).

But there is also really good financial model available for free on the web. Free doesn’t always mean bad. You can always test our financial model tool for startups for free to get a better idea of what it’s worth before looking deeper into it!

Managing confidentiality on critical data is part of building a startup. Managing confidentiality of financial and strategic data is moreover crucial! An entrepreneur choosing a financial tool should consider to select a confidential one.

How can you identify if a tool is safe or not?

A good old-school excel style sheet template may however remain the best solution to keep control of your data confidentiality whilst in the early stages of your startup.

Finally, we believe a financial model should be easy to share and to use anywhere with a large compatibility. The best financial tool may be a simple excel stylesheet without any macro and only simple calculation rules to be compatible with most stylesheet software. It can be used anywhere and shared to anyone. Results can then be easily copy-pasted in a Business Plan.

Indeed, we have designed our free financial modelling tool for startups to respond to all the key features in what we think should be the best financial model! Our experience in entrepreneurship helped us understand what is really important in financial modeling for startups. We have come up with a Business Model Forecast, a 100% free and super easy but yet reliable excel financial model tool that is totally customizable!

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  1. Pushpinder

    Just wanted to drop by for a thanks… the design is really good and simple without being over-engineered.

    It’s good to have those assumptions and inputs in one worksheet – really helps get an overview.

    I shall be working on it and revisit if I have questions.

    Thanks again!

    1. Mark Preece Post author

      Pushpinder hi and thank you for the feedback. Once you have worked up an acceptable position, then undertake a final tweak with the Sensitivity Analysis. All the best.

        1. Mark Preece Post author

          Ha! Hello and Goodbye back John. Please come back and revisit soon for we will have many interesting Blog releases happening and an upgrade of out Enterprise Resource Planning Tab. Ride the Wave 🙂


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