Key Ingredients for Successful Project Management.

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Current day Project Managers are not immune from being asked to do more with less and can no longer afford to manage one project at a time from inception through to completion. What may have worked for a business just three years ago as a project management tool may well be under review? Project Managers are now required to manage multiple projects at different points in the project lifecycle at any given time and will need to be flexible enough to embrace current trends where necessary to improve their success rate.

There are three trends in particular that come to mind: technological globalisation, workforce engagement and the struggle between innovation and risk. Consider in this environment what will key ingredients adopted by project managers for successful project management. So how is that done successfully?

Below are some tips that could help you manage multiple projects effectively.

Outstanding document control

When you’re managing multiple projects you need to stay on top of the documentation constantly, both to ensure documents don’t get mixed up but also to make sure that the information for each project is updated in a timely manner. This is where a good document numbering system is invaluable.

Building teamwork with strong collaborative communication

Project Management #projectmanagement #ppm ppm portfolio managementDo not expect all teams to act the same; they differ as much as the personalities that compose them. Understanding your team and each member’s different drivers is essential for leading more effectively. Project teams define the success of the project, so building a high-performing team is one of the most important strengths of a good project manager. Help team members remember the big picture. This will prepare them for when issues arise. When trying to resolve an issue or manage change, focus on the direct result so as to not lose the forest through the trees.

As you’re likely to see each individual team member rarely, it’s critical that you communicate in a collaborative manner through other means on a regular basis, whether it’s sending a quick email or text message. Good communication will help ensure you’re kept in the loop and that your team members feel you’re there for them.

Excellent time management

When you’re managing multiple, regularly conflicting tasks across multiple projects and attending all sorts of meetings, you need to make sure your time management is spot on. If you’re consistently late to meetings all that happens is your personal schedule gets out of kilter and your grip on the projects slip.


Project Management #projectmanagement #ppmIt’s very important when managing multiple projects to have the flexibility to adapt to changing needs “on the fly”. When things do go wrong or a critical task is delayed, you will need to be able to adjust your priorities to manage that situation without jeopardising your other projects. Be agile or be gone! Business is ever-evolving and requires more flexibility, strategy, and plans to change than ever before. No single plan will work every time – it’s important to know how to respond to change with agility and speed.

Hiring with great coordination skills

One of the best things you can do is hire a great project coordinator who has both excellent organisational and communication skills. He or she will be able to help you successfully manage everything outlined above and will make sure that you’re kept informed of anything that comes up that needs addressing.


Today, business processes are more multifaceted, interrelated, and mutually supporting than ever before. Technology has become so ingrained in today’s culture that we must no longer view the internet as a distracter, but instead a platform for which we present our message. We must learn to utilize this new technology rather than fear it. It should become obvious at this level of project management that Excel spreadsheets and Word documents just don’t provide the level integrated functionality that is needed to successfully manage projects. You need a project management tool that can host all of your project documentation in one place and that can be updated and reported on in real time. It should be Cloud-based so you can take your projects on the road with you.


If that sounds like something you need, why not sign up for a free 30-day trial to see how a Psoda Project Management tool can change your work life for the better. It’s affordable, ranked as a leading Cloud based solution and could just be the ideal project management tool for your business.

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