About Us

The name Horizon2Technologies was inspired by a McKinsey framework (the-three-horizon-approach-to-innovation) and the business has emerged as a leading Australian VAR of Management Software for Small Business.

We greatly enhance the effectiveness of companies to:

  • better manage their inventories using ERP software with integrated financials,
  • engage with customers using this #1 global mobile marketing apps system,
  • manage their projects with leading cloud-based P3M3 project management software and
  • transform into a digital business using business process digitalization software.

By focusing on four key areas:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software; Accounting Software; eCommerce websites
  2. Mobile Marketing Apps
  3. P3M Project Management Software and
  4. Business Process Digitalization Software.

McKinsey & Company designed this framework in the 1990s to allow business strategists to analyze and balance investments wisely.

Management Software for Small Business and the Three Horizon Framework:

Horizon1 applies to managing of the current fiscal reporting period, with all its short-term concerns.

Horizon2 applies to the onboarding of the next generation of high-growth opportunities in the pipeline.

Horizon3 applies to the incubating of the cells of any new business that will sustain the organisation far into the future.

In this context, Horizon2Technologies helps extend the growth of your existing small and medium business and bridge the gap to emerging business opportunities by enabling affordable, proven and innovative technologies that will delight and transform the way you work.

We focus on four key areas of Management Software:

Inventory Management: if you require Distribution software or Manufacturing software, Inventory Management or Stock Control then we really can help you as this is in our DNA! With over 1,500 clients in ANZ, our solutions come fully integrated with accounting and financials, business intelligence software and eCommerce websites. Remove the costly manual need to run part of your business outside your accounting software on spreadsheets and utilise Australia's best Content Management System Website eCommerce platform pre-integrated into our Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution.

Mobile Marketing: if you have a website and are active in Social Media and wish to move to the next step, contact us to view the best Mobile Marketing App available today and be up and running on App Store and Google Play in 3 weeks. There are over 100,000 small business worldwide using this system that aggregates all your marketing information in one place at the fingertips of your customers.

Project Management: Need assistance in P3M3 Project Management? Professionals who need assistance in managing programs, projects, requirements, testing and product development will have a set of online modules that are easy to use, secure and make managing work simple. Just pick the Psoda flavour that best suits you, or you can mix and match the modules to get even more benefits.

Digitalization: Are you ready to frog-leap manual paper-based processes? Digitalization is used to describe a scope of transformation that goes beyond simply substituting analog or physical resources for their digital or information counterparts. It aims to realize more effective outcomes from those processes by improving the customer engagement, shifting towards customers based on the convergence of the four forces: social, mobile, big data and cloud.

Get excited! Next generation, affordable management software for small business that will transform your business in weeks.

Focus on Horizon2. Ride the wave.