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Thank you for showing interest in the Intelledox Free 30-Day Trial which grants you a fully functional version of the Intelledox world class software solution. Let’s explain simply what we mean by digitalisation of business processes and how Intelledox helps you move into being a digital business.

What is Digitalization?

Digitalisation helps businesses to optimise processes as a way of increasing revenue, reduce costs on an ongoing basis and improve business continuity. Research organisation Gartner explained that digitalisation involves using digital technologies in order to change a business model.  In effect, the process of moving to a digital business which provides greater security than manual processes, as well as reliability and capability.

Understanding Intelledox

With digitalisation a trend that needs to be considered, and implemented, in the near future, businesses will require the right tools to carry out the implementation.

Intelledox offers a capable toolbox, with a number of features that make the transformation simple. These end-to-end tools are designed to ensure the company sees results.


The simple Intelledox interface makes it easy to build an array of dynamic web forms that can easily collect data. There’s also no coding or scripting required, which means businesses can get started with the tool soon after implementation.

Microsoft Word is the template development tool for this system, another feature which adds to the seamless usability.


Data now often appears to be the most valuable business asset, the resource that every business needs access to. Intelledox means companies can enhance the collection as well as the management of data within the organisation.

It’s a tool that is also available on any device, includes offline capability and can handle multi-channel format and delivery.


Intelledox makes it an easy task to manage users, documents and data without the need for specialised programs. Instead, the business can do so right from within a web interface.

It’s also possible to collect and store data in existing databases and store data sources for future use. With this management tool, businesses can also see improved governance, compliance and business proficiency.


Delivering business processes can often be an arduous task to carry out, but using the right solutions can make it easier. Intelledox enables businesses to send or store information wherever it’s required. For example, form data or simple documents.

It can also be deployed through Software-as-a-Service, on-premises or even using a hybrid implementation approach. The overarching benefit is that existing data is immediately actionable and accessible.

As with any new trend, however, businesses must think ahead. Choosing a solution is just one part of the equation, and it’s necessary to think about the ongoing support and management.

Why Infiniti?

Infiniti reduces time spent manually generating documentation, seeking approvals and interacting with clients. It allows business users to:

  • Capture data online (i.e. mortgage applications, know your customer, quotes)
  • Centrally control templates
  • Leverage information in another line of business systems
  • Dynamically generate documents

By eliminating paper forms and optimizing existing processes, Infiniti transforms the way you do business.

Intelledox Free 30-Day Trial

Signing up for the Intelledox Free 30-Day Trial is quick and easy. After sign up, you’ll be provided with a Quick Start Guide to help you get started, as well as access to the Support Portal.

The trial grants you a fully functional version of our world class software solution and includes:

Infiniti has three different modules that can be made accessible to different people in your business. For the purpose of the trial, you have access to all three Intelledox Infiniti modules, Produce, Manage and Design and you will start with Produce.

The future of business process digitalization is in the cloud. Be part of the journey!

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