Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Small Business

Is JIWA an ideal ERP and Accounting solution for your business?

If affordability, feature-richness and stability are what you're looking for in a business and financial management solution, Jiwa is well worth considering.

Perfect for small and medium size businesses (SME), JIWA is an all-in-one solution that will take your company to the next level. Jiwa is based on Microsoft SQL and covers accounting, inventory, warehousing, reporting and much, much more. The system is completely scalable, fully integrated and can be easily tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

Product Features

Jiwa is primarily based around inventory and doing things to inventory, such as importing, warehousing, assembling, manufacturing, scheduling, job costing and back orders. Jiwa customers run wholesale, distribution, manufacturing & jobbing businesses. The product comes with a CRM Dashboard, Integrated Financials and an eCommerce Website.

  • Jiwa Platform will grow with you & allow you to achieve your goals.
  • Jiwa puts you in control of your operations, so you can get on with running your business.
  • Give the best customer service available with Jiwa'sTo do (TM) system.
  • Have what you need to order in your Purchase Orders, not stock that absorbs your cash.
  • Know what your imported goods really cost you.
  • Give the best customer service available with Jiwa'sTo do (TM) system.

Purchasing Cycle

Jiwa Purchase Order, to Goods Received Note to Invoice cycle is a key component can be described as click, click, click and you're done. Great flexible Purchase Order methods are the key to keeping stock levels to just what you need, no more, no less.

  • Running our of stock? Jiwa will let you know before you loose a sale.
  • Find out from your computer where your customers orders are, not running around the warehouse.
  • know when your Quotes are nearing expiry, so you can get the deals before they go cold on your sales team.

JIWA Modules and User Licences

Jiwa Financials is sold on a per concurrent user basis. This works like this. A customer purchases 10 licenses to use JIWA Financials. A package of 10 licenses allows for 10 connections onto the server at any one time, there may be more users named and able to connect onto the server, but only 10 connections can be made at any one time. You can add concurrent users one at a time, so you could get 11, 12, etc…

Jiwa Financials is sold as a group of main modules and there are other modules that are able to be added onto the main group on a needs basis. For example not all of our customers would use JIWA Manufacturing, JIWA Job Costing, JIWA Landed Cost, JIWA Service Manager, JIWA Business Intelligence, Website or JIWA Field Sales. These modules are available for purchase separately.
They are fully integrated with JIWA Financials.

Microsoft Technology

It must be noted that Jiwa and Microsoft have developed a strong partnership. The product is designed to store data on Microsoft SQL Server and has the capacity to run / operate on: Microsoft Windows 7 & Microsoft Windows 8. The Microsoft SQL Server is seamlessly integrated with Jiwa and this provides users with the most powerful data management capabilities.

Microsoft in Australia have acknowledged JIWA Financials stating that "Jiwa is a real breakthrough. It is a great example of how Australian software houses can produce world class software based on leading edge technology."

Explore all Features

Quotes, Sales Orders & Invoices

JIWA Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices are comprehensive and fully integrated into a single module. It is designed so that information is entered quickly and entered once so that any useful information that will help to provide better sales, marketing or customer service may be conveniently displayed. Many delivery options are included, like multiple delivery addresses, drop shipments, forward orders, backorders, recording of lost sales, credit policies and picking options.

JIWA Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices functionality includes:

  • Quotes
  • Quotes can be copied from existing quotes
  • Quotes are easily copied to sales orders
  • Automatic links exist between the Quotes, Sales Order and Invoices that are created from one another
  • Changes to quotes and sales orders are recorded and tracked by user including the time of change
  • Sales Orders & Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders may be created directly from the line items of a sales order
  • Picking of goods, delivery of goods and invoicing methods are controlled by an extremely flexible matrix of Sales Order options leading to great workflow efficiencies
  • Recurring invoices can be created
  • Reminders & To Do's are able to be set to follow-up
  • Quotes & Sales Orders in the future
  • Automatic and manual backorder fulfilment can be setup
  • Customer sales history, pricing history and all pricing options are available at quotation and sales order entry time
  • Credit control facilities are automatically handled by JIWA based on business rules at quote or sales order time
  • Descriptions, text and non-inventory items may be added to quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Tailored inventory search screens increase speed, ease of entry and access to required information
  • Lost opportunities due to lost quotations or no inventory can be tracked
  • Credit card payments is supported
  • The results of each transaction including sales orders, deliveries and invoices may be viewed in the Debtors Ledger, General Ledger or Inventory, via drill-down
  • Multiple deliveries from one Sales Order are kept together, but delivered separately
  • Direct Drop shipments where your supplier delivers direct to customer are managed in Sales
  • Orders