P3M Project Management Software

Psoda has a single-minded focus on providing the toolset of choice for Program and Project professionals worldwide in search of the best P3M Portfolio Program Project Management Software. Cloud-based tools enable professionals to manage programs, projects, requirements, testing, and product development. With a proven track record of adding value to organizations of all sizes, Psoda has customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA in the Energy, Health, IT, Transport, Education and Government sectors.

Why make Program and Project Management harder than it needs to be? We hear familiar stories repeatedly and there are some trends or commonalities:

• Geographically dispersed project teams
• Using the wrong tool for the job
• Over-booked or mismanaged resources
• Wasting time looking for project documents or assets
• Spending too much time in status meetings

This is where Psoda helps you with a set of online modules that help professionals manage not only programs and projects, but also requirements, testing and product development. Soda modules are easy to use, secure and make managing work simple.


Psoda: Single Source of Truth


All the work management tools you need are in one place. Usually, you'd need several software products to manage projects, requirements, testing and product development; but Psoda lets you do more for less.

• Pick and choose the Psoda modules that best meet your organization's needs. Sign up to use just one module or any combination of them. All the modules are fully integrated, so you get additional functionality if you combine two or more modules
• Communicate and collaborate more effectively with your project team, customers and third-party suppliers. Give your clients and stakeholders read-only access for free
• Pay as you go. Psoda's pay as you go plan means you don't get locked into costly monthly subscription fees. If you don't use Psoda, you don't pay
• SPsoda tools are easy to learn, and even easier to use. Help is just a click away with Psoda's comprehensive online help including useful tips and information.
• You tell us what you need. Let us know if you want extra features added, and vote for your favorite enhancement requests. Then we upgrade everyone automatically and for free
• We keep your data safe and secure.<

Just pick the Psoda flavour that best suits your P3M Portfolio Program Project Management Software needs, or you can mix and match the modules to get even more benefits.

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