How Much Does It Cost To Create Mobile Apps?

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"How Much Does It Cost To Create Mobile Apps?" Prima facie such a question can be rather vague. You have to start somewhere as the opportunities available in the marketplace now to have your own Mobile Apps have never been so accessible for your business.

Another way to consider this is to ask "How much does it cost to obtain a tool that allows a business access to a platform so it can easily aggregate information of relevance and value to its audience?" A tool that makes it easy for existing clients to engage and new visitors to learn more about you, your products and related topics.

It's as broad a question as asking "What’s the price of a car?" Well, what kind of car are you trying to buy? A used one with high mileage or a brand new, exotic, luxury car? The same questions he maintains can be said of Mobile Apps.

Customers don't have the time nor the digital agency skills to research the cost of creating an app. Even if they did, they would probably get a lot of different answers ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. This is because there are a lot of variables in mobile app development which can greatly vary the asking price from an Agency.

A key variable for such price estimates of mobile apps is because new and disruptive technologies are constantly emerging and evolving. An example is a new hybrid app development technology that caused the average cost of app development for a small business to drop from USD$49,000 to USD$38,500 in February of 2015.

As new tools and strategies emerge, the price of producing an app goes down because developers are able to leverage these tools to reduce their time frames and thereby the overall cost of their labor.

Effectively, the more mobile application development evolves, the easier it is becoming to make apps, which means affordable alternatives are constantly appearing and within shorter timeframes.

This article will help you understand not only the cost of creating Mobile Apps but also the value in choosing a much simpler App solution that you can administer easily and at a fraction of the development cost option. Plug and play development technology offer the ability for a business to build their own app, with dozens of powerful premade functions, clean templates and more.

Generally doing things in-house can be better, but is way more expensive. This is exactly why many companies turn to mobile development firms. They may have their design teams but outsource their engineering and development needs elsewhere to save money, but you’ll still end up with an expensive “in-house” development team.

Due diligence is required to avoid being taken advantage of by mobile development firms.  It will be well worth your time (and budget) to do your homework as building an app from the ground up is a big expense.

Planning, designing, engineering features, app infrastructure, mobile app administration, testing & Q/A costs, and launching your app to the App stores are all stages of the app development process that rack up costs.

If you choose the development option, you have to be prepared for your developer to go over budget. On average, you will spend about 20% more than you expected. To top it off, after your first release, you will need to update your app as well on an ongoing basis.


Mobile Apps Alternative to App-Development-Cost

It is easy to look at all of these variables and simply see dollar signs zooming by, but many of these costly variables are only associated with building an app from the ground up and there is an alternative solution in the form of a Content Management System  for app development, so don’t be discouraged.

Companies like Bizness Apps offers two main types of services. Both of these offerings help business owners who already have a desktop domain but need to be found everywhere there's a Wi-Fi or 4G signal. The first type of service is a mobile website plan for sites that aren't responsive. The second is a mobile app builder plan that allows you to create a mobile website and a solid-looking app.

These companies are quickly becoming to the Mobile Apps space what WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix became to the website building space as the market matured. These drag-and-drop mobile app development tools dramatically cut down on the costs and time that have historically prohibited agencies from selling mobile apps to SMBs effectively.

Similar to DIY websites that look and act professionally, you can do the same with your App. Many of these app builder solutions are responsible for putting high functioning, quality apps in the hands of over 200,000 small businesses, at an affordable price. If you’ve ever wondered how your local take-away shop could possibly afford such a clean looking mobile app, then having an affordable app builder is the answer.

Instead of building every app from the ground up, an app building Content Management System will offer a wide range of features, design templates and other options that allow you to piece together your own app, using a platform that has already been created, tested and proven effective.

No programming expertise is required; you don’t need any background in mobile development; in effect, you are the developer! A high-quality DIY app builder offers an expansive library of webinars, step-by-step guidelines, and helpful articles to turn anyone into their own app design pro.

The beauty of choosing an app creation platform is the comfort knowing that the app will be bug and glitch free. Once you are ready to hit that publish button, you are all set; there is no testing or planning necessary. In addition, the cost of building an app dramatically goes down when using an “out of the box” solution.


Mobile Apps stay current to your needs.

As the Mobile Apps industry progresses and evolves, your mobile app continues to update and evolve with it so there’s no paying for upgrades and your app stays current with emerging trends. A DIY mobile app creation platform will continue to offer all the features and tools your customers are looking for in a Mobile App.

Knowing your App will be completed within budget and at the same time never being outdated offer businesses now low-risk with high functionality.


The Bottom Line of How Much Does an App Cost?

From a price standpoint, a pre-built app creation platform blows the costs of a ground-up, custom app out of the water. The median price for a custom built app is between USD$38k and USD$171k.

Mobile App Development Costs

Contrast this with a DIY app builder charge who charge small businesses median a one-time build fee of USD$3-4k with a recurring charge of between USD$50 to USD$150 per month for app maintenance and support which is likely to include all the continued support, training, tools and updates offered with your mobile app. A lot of companies forget that the cost of an app is ongoing due to maintenance and keeping the app up to date. A Content Management System allows you your own app, using a platform that has already been created, tested and proven effective.



Mobile Apps aggregate all information in one easy-to-obtain location, integrating social media channels and the company's website. Additional functionality such as push notifications makes this an exceptionally useful tool. Value can be built around your brand by adding RSS feeds, product PDFs, the latest news in your industry, videos and digest of interesting information that allows existing customers and

You can choose from hundreds of customizable templates and features, like push notifications, GPS, content sharing, social media, mobile shopping cart, mobile reservations and food ordering, custom email forms, mailing lists and more. Value can be built around your brand by adding RSS feeds, product PDFs, the latest news in your industry, videos and digest of interesting information that allows existing customers and first-time visitors to have a greater appreciation and engagement with your business.

When searching for a suitable app maker, look for solutions that are affordable and let you create professional-looking apps without having any coding skills. Also look for key features such as pre-made templates, push notifications, social media integration, location-based services, loyalty programs, mobile commerce capabilities, customization options and the ability to create apps for Android devices, iPhones and iPads. Additionally, look for app makers that are designed for beginners and offer specific features suitable for both B2B and B2C/Retailers.

If your business thinks it can benefit from a Mobile App using an affordable app building Content Management System or would just like to know more, click here and experience it for yourself with H2t on a no risk basis.


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